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Leslie Heerman wrote on August 10,2017
Hi, I work for an auction company and I have catalogued several of your works, including the portrait of Noble Flaire. I have another piece that is either a drawing or a print-it is behind non-glare glass- and I was hoping that you could tell me if it is an original work or a giclee. Thank you.

Corinne Fry wrote on July 27,2017
Received your pendent, beautiful!

Lu Howard wrote on June 30,2017
On the Fused Glass page, can you tell me the size of the Trimmed pendant? Also, do you have, or could you make, a pendant similar to the Harness Pony, but with Trimmed silouette? Thank you.

Lisa Andersen wrote on March 21,2017 about this piece
I really like this pendant and get compliments on it every time I wear it. Can't wait to get the matching earrings!

Hoping they will they be ready soon....


Christy Stewart wrote on January 30,2017
I am a director of the Canadian Hackney Society and we are celebrating our 125th Anniversary this year. I was wondering if you could see fit to donate something from your beautiful collection for our silent auction. Our meeting and gala are on April 1st in Toronto and we would really appreciate any donation for our fundraising.


Pharmc958 wrote on May 7,2016
Very nice site!

Rick wrote on January 17,2016
Hi Denise! I have always admired your eye, talent and creativity and to now see it in your jewelry? WOW, you are one talented lady! Ive put the "Motion" print on my Christmas wish list! :)God bless!


Rick wrote on January 17,2016
Hi Denise! I have always admired your eye, talent and creativity and to now see it in your jewelry? WOW, you are one talented lady! Ive put the "Motion" print on my Christmas wish list! :)God bless!


susan satto wrote on November 1,2015
love one of your pieces but it's sold. Do you ever duplicate?

Evil wrote on August 19,2012
Stopped by to see what was new and am, as always, amazed by your skill, Lady. I will be placing a special order soon. Just need to figure out a couple details.

Babs Hamilton wrote on April 6,2012
Absolutely gorgeous pieces of art and jewellery! Very nice!

Gail Decatrel wrote on March 22,2012
Loved the TWH braclet then is labeled Sold. Do you make duplicates as I love the style and would like it either in black or very dark green.

Linda wrote on November 3,2011
Admired one of your pieces at a show recently. Was told you could do a horse from a picture (silver overlay on fused glass). Would love to give as a gift! Please contact me at my email. Thanks

Lynn Brannon wrote on September 9,2011
Just love your work,was wondering thou do you do any work with BLK/WHT spotted horses or is it just with solids?? Would love to have one of your necklaces!!! Tks, Lynn

Rhonda wrote on April 24,2011
Denise -

Would like to order a custom fused glass piece of TWH on a tortise shell cab (want it to look like old tortise shell). Also want the wire necklace to go with it. Please contact me at email address to get this going. Thks, Rhonda

Sandra wrote on January 24,2011
Could you please make me a necklace from my horses picture?

Kimberly Worthington wrote on January 23,2011
Love your work...

I'm here in Michigan as well.

We should get together and share a booth at the ASHAM Shows.. Kimberly

Bronzilla Sheppard wrote on November 23,2010 about this piece
I love unicorns and silver is my metal of my sign. The blue cabochon looks like a sapphire which is my birth stone. Love this piece. Lovely craftmanship.

Donna M Cole wrote on June 14,2010

Love your work. Was wondering if you do special pieces and how

much you charge. I make horse t shirts and outer ware and need a great artist for my pieces.



Rick wrote on April 16,2010 about this piece

I bet you are wondering how I know your first name. It's because your mother and I are sitting here admiring your wonderful pieces!!! I'm going to order something---but I'm not sure what piece my wife would love best. One piece I really liked was already sold. Maybe I can talk you into duplicating that piece--or making something similar. I will call you to discusss,

Congratulations on your spectacular pieces. Rick

Valerie Low wrote on October 2,2009
Love your things - keep me posted on any new additions!

Jim Burdette wrote on September 24,2009
shame, shame, shame on you female chauvinist lady not one itty bitty piece of your fantastic and wonderful jewelry for the MALE admirer.

Becky Dodson wrote on December 13,2008
Hi!!! Nice website Denise.

Love all the new items you have created!

Patty Clark wrote on September 16,2008
Hi Denise! I have always admired your eye, talent and creativity and to now see it in your jewelry? WOW, you are one talented lady! Ive put the "Motion" print on my Christmas wish list! :)God bless!

Ruthann Peterson wrote on September 15,2008
Your jewelry is beautiful. Your creativity shines in your new endeavor.

Debbie Strong wrote on September 14,2008
Denise, You stuff is awesome - I'm an artist, too and can really appreciate what you have done here! I signed up for your newsletter... Beautiful work, Denise! Best wishes,


Michelle Williams wrote on September 14,2008
Love all the items.

Michelle Wee B Morgans

Susan Pitlock wrote on September 14,2008
Hi Denise! Site looks great. Susan (aka Marsh- going through a divorce)

Carolyn Hastings wrote on September 13,2008
I love your art in both jewelry and the horses you draw and paint. They are wonderful.

Jennifer LaVite wrote on August 14,2008
The beautiful piece arrived quickly and safely in great packaging. My daughter loves her new pendant. Thanks for a great shopping experience!

Suzy Lucine wrote on July 13,2008
Bidders flipped over the wire-wrapped dichroic glass horse pendant that you donated to the MidA Show's Silent Auction. Thanks!

gael jaeger wrote on April 15,2008
I thought your jewelry was very unique and attractive as well as reasonably priced.

Melody Faber wrote on April 15,2008
Hey Denise.....great site and pretty things. Hope all is well with you. email me!


Julia wrote on April 14,2008
Denise, WOW! Absolutely amazing! Miss you!


Michelle wrote on April 14,2008
very lovely artwork!! The overlay glass is amazing and as always, I am floored by your talent.